Emerging Technologies for Everyone

The problems of today’s Internet stems from a lack of diversity amongst its leading creators. It’s critical that Emerging Tech makers include everyone. These creators will shape the Internet and culture for decades to come.

Who gets to be a creator?

Who builds the tools?

Who builds the future?

Whose Future will it be?

Whose Future? builds digital equity and inclusion by making creator tools accessible to everyone. Students can embark on a learning journey through a network of emerging tech garages that have all of the hardware, software and social capital one needs to build the future.

Dive into our new immersive learning platform that hosts all of our emerging technologies curriculum.

Whose Future? is making the new frontier of technology accessible to everyone.

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Our Communities

The Whose Future? Community begins with high school students but it doesn’t end there. Our community includes students, families, faculty, developers, designers and researchers across the country to test, evaluate and collaborate on the program.

Our physical locations are embedded in communities and run by local facilitators—from rural regions to urban centers—bringing diverse participants and perspectives into the metaverse. Leveraging our metaverse skills training, facilitators work with students, collaborate with partners on the ground, organize events, and maintain the hardware and software the students will need.

In addition to physical spaces, Whose Future? is also an always-on immersive learning platform for students to connect, collaborate, co-create, and share. We're committed to leveraging this hybrid approach to teach the tools of creation for the metaverse, inspiring meaningful impact through storytelling with emerging technologies.

We look forward to meeting you, in-person or online, and exploring the exciting possibilities of a more inclusive future. Join us.

Featured Communities

Harlem, NYC

Whose Future? is providing students a bridge into emerging technologies through our after school curriculum and community-wide programming and events.

Menlo Park, CA

Working with students through the Community Hub in Menlo Park, Whose Future? is expanding the opportunities for high school students to build skills, foster community, and share their creations.

LightSchool Curriculum

We offer the best in emerging technologies courses led by award-winning tech pioneers and storytellers to teach creators of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels. LightSchool is our always-on immersive learning platform for students to connect, collaborate, co-create, and share.

Enter LightSchool

Introduction to the Metaverse

This course will explore the concept of the metaverse using LightSchool, a virtual world where students can interact with each other and digital objects in a shared environment. Students will learn about the LightSchool platform and how to create within it. Topics include collecting virtual objects, connecting with other students, and designing avatars. The course will also cover the potential applications of the Metaverse in areas such as education, entertainment, and business. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on projects, students will gain an understanding of the Metaverse, its potential to shape the future, and how to take part in the creation of it.

How To Think About The Future

In this course, students will learn about future forecasting - an invaluable practice of creating a vision for yourself in the future and building a path towards it. We are all designing and creating our futures. With the skills we teach here, you can take ownership of that process. With future forecasting, students will be able to think about the future in a way that will unearth unexpected opportunities and outline clear steps you can take in the present to make that future a reality.

Intro to Immersive Video

Immersive video offers new possibilities for storytelling and is a growing trend in content creation. In this course, students learn what immersive video is, how the technology is evolving, and the tools and techniques you need to plan, shoot, and edit compelling immersive content. Explore some overlooked features built right into your phone and learn how to share your immersive project with others in LightSchool and beyond.

Augmenting Reality with Augmented Reality

This course explores the use of AR technology to enhance and augment the real world with digital information. Students will learn about the current state of AR technology, as well as the design principles and technical skills needed to create AR experiences for entertainment, education, and productivity. The course includes learning to leverage Spark AR and other platforms, to create AR filters, and publishing workflows and best practices for Instagram.

Digital Mindfulness

Digital Mindfulness is a multi-sensory environment for students in the virtual world designed to stimulate intellectual activity and promote relaxation through imaginative art and immersive technology. Explore our four relaxation stations to discover how we use immersive technology to create a uniquely relaxing and playful environment.

Intro to Game Design

In this course, students will learn the basics of Game Design. Starting with learning to think like a Game Designer, participants will practice finding the play in everyday objects and situations. From there, they will be introduced to the parts of a game, how to “mod” games, to make new games, and finally how to design a game from scratch. By understanding and getting hands-on experience in the practice of Game Design, participants will be ready to take the skills and knowledge into more complex platforms and build digital games that engage players in thoughtful and engaging play.

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Super Team

Gabo Arora

Visionary Creator and Pioneer

Barry Pousman

Head of Product

Amar Bakshi

Social Entrepreneur and Artist

Susanna Pollack

Executive Producer

Cortney Harding

VR Creator

Nour Malaeb

Creative Director

Utsav Mathur

Technical Director

Firas Safieddine

Virtual World Designer

Gayatri Agrawal

Avatar Science

Sharan Shankar

Technical Producer

Jeremy Kirshbaum


Lev Gorelov


Arielle Hope

XR Creative Director

Douglas Goldstein

XR Education Director

Chris Milk

Visionary immersive artist

Jessica Brillhart


Edward Saatchi


Ari Palitz

Artificial Intelligence Lead

David Lobser

Digital Mindfulness

Courtney Cogburn PhD

Justice and Equitable Tech

Rob Eschmann PhD

Storytelling for Social Justice

Kimball Gallagher

Musical Diplomacy

Alexander Porter

Immersive Documentarian

Arana Shapiro

Curriculum Design

Krzysztof Galant

Digital Dynamo

Antonio Lopes

Mesh Master

Matthew Niederhauser


John Fitzgerald

Nashville Extra

Scott Hartley

Impact Investor